How do you know if a Beachbody® Coach is right for you?

When you join Team Beachbody®  you are assigned a Free Personal Beachbody® Coach.  As a Beachbody® Coach we are not allowed to solicit our customers.  We do make initial contact with them and look forward to working with them if they allow us to do so.  There are cases that you may not hear from your Coach or simply do not feel they are a good fit for you. So….

How do you know if a Beachbody® Coach is right for you?

So you have taken the initiative to make the change and start a new lifestyle.  These maybe some initial questions or concerns you may have:

  1. You are thinking of a New Beachbody® Workout but do not know which one is best for you
  2. You have questions about what Meal Plans or Diet Plans will you need to follow
  3. You simply need Accountability or Motivation to make sure you complete your Fitness Goals or that you actually complete a Full Workout Program
  4. You have heard of the Beachbody® Coaching Opportunity and would like to learn more about it and join

Then you most definitely need to find a Beachbody® Coach that is willing and ready to help you succeed!  I am most definitely up for the challenge and look forward to you choosing me as your Personal Beachbody® Coach.  First I want you to share some factors that may help you in your search for Personal Beachbody® Coach.

1.  Find a Beachbody® Coach that is familiar with the Beachbody® Products


It is important that you come across a Beachbody® Coach who is familiar with the Beachbody® Products and that they are actively a Product of the Product.  What do I mean they are a Product of the Product?  I simply mean that they are actively using a Beachbody® Program themselves on a daily basis or have used it prior recommending it to you.  This means that if they are using the products then they are better equipped with the right knowledge about the program and will be able to answer your questions.

2.  Find a Beachbody® Coach that is actively involved with their customers

For Accountability and Motivation purposes, you must make sure a Beachbody® Coach is actively involved with their customers.  That they are actively in communications with them and are running current Challenge Groups.  Challenge Groups are Private Groups that come together on a daily basis to check in during their chosen Program Calendar days.  Here is where you will check in with others like you doing the same program as you.  This is a safe place where you can share your progress with others and get Motivation as well.  Challenge Groups help in your Accountability because you will find others like you that may have the same struggles but you get to encourage each other alongside your Coach as well.

As a Beachbody® Coach, it is my goal to see YOU and my customers succeed!  I know it is hard to stick to a Fitness routine from my own experiences and that is why I am here to work alongside you to help both you and myself not quit!  I want to see you be happy and achieve the positive change you are seeking.

Why do I need to find a Beachbody® Coach?

Honestly, you don’t need one if you are Independent and believe you can do achieve it on your own.  Let’s be real though…have you?

I can tell you that on my own I was not able to achieve many goals some that I never even thought I needed to be reached.  For one I have grown as a person, and most importantly have learned to LOVE myself again.  All this by simply joining a Team of Coaches like myself that have found their true passion in helping others but first by helping themselves through making the decision to make the positive change.  By investing in themselves and growing through training’s that involve Personal Development as well.

It is truly important you find a Beachbody® Coach that can meet with you and help you to set and achieve your goals.  Especially if you decide to sign up and become a Beachbody® Coach yourself.  You must find someone who is wanting and working to be successful in this business.  I won’t lie to you, the journey isn’t easy alone yet there are some that have achieved success without their Upline Coaches by figuring out things as they go.  Truly that is not the ideal solution for you to benefit from.  You need to be held accountable and have someone who has experienced it or is working on a daily basis to learn new techniques to become better at the business.  It is always beneficial to have someone guiding you and who is able to show you the proper training’s that helped them get started.  Most importantly finding someone whom you can connect with.  Someone you have common things and goals with.

Let’s face it you will need someone to talk to or hold you accountable when Life gets in the way!  Making it important to find a Beachbody® Coach that you feel like you can talk to them about anything and get the encouragement you are seeking!


Go Find a Beachbody Coach!

Whether you are looking for someone to answer your questions about the products, you want to join a challenge group, or you want to sign up to be a coach, the important thing is you go find a Beachbody® Coach that suits you!   I would love to be your coach and help you with whichever path you are on. I’m always willing and ready to work with new friends (customers) or coaches to get them started on the right track.  Please feel free to contact me if you feel I can help you and qualify to be your Beachbody® Coach!


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