AM or PM Workouts

Does it even matter?

I have experienced both AM and PM Workouts Schedules.  Only to come to the realization that it truly does not matter.  It is all about choice and preference but most importantly about getting it done…

AM Workouts

My experience with AM workouts was wonderful.  Many people thought I was crazy to get up at 3 AM to workout (I make sure to be in bed by 9 PM or earlier).  I will not lie to kick start it was truly tough!  The decision was made after doing the PM workouts and seeing my toddler just sit there bored out of her mind while I worked out or simply getting the constant moms….

Advantages of doing so were:

  1. Getting it done with no interruptions
  2.  Starting off my day full of Energy
  3. Having the PM to play or tend to my toddler
  4. Going to bed tired and easily

PM Workouts

My experience with PM workouts was wonderful as well.  Especially as my toddler started joining me (even though a bit annoying at times) but hey its a memory that was being made together.

Only problems I encounter with PM workouts are:

  1. Days feeling too tired to even think of working out
  2. Daughter having too much homework to complete and needs assistance
  3. Events that need to be attended and workouts cancelled
  4. The load of Energy from some workouts having a hard time to fall asleep

Both were equally doable and both have given me equal results.  Do I prefer one more than the other? NO!  Well maybe just a little because now that I went back to PM workouts I find it hard to kick start once again the 3 AM wake up calls without hitting snooze.


 It all falls down to you choosing whether it be AM or PM workout session.  All relying on your consistency but overall Will Power of getting it done!  It is truly about finding the right time that best works for you and sticking to it!  Finding the perfect time to exercise is as much about personal preference.  Sticking to a specific workout time can result in better performance and results.
Bottom line it is about showing up and getting it done regardless your time preference.  So keep it up you are doing amazing!




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