About Me


My name is Valeria D. Aguilar, I am 36-year old Single Mom with a Bachelor Degree in Architecture whom became an Independent Team Beachbody Coach living in Miami, FL.  In this new adventure of becoming a Coach I have discovered my true passion and purpose and with all honesty I can say it was never truly awaken until finally learning what it truly means and seeing how good it made me fell.  Through it all I have learned Personal Development is the key to success and discovering your true self/purpose.  I have discovered that my purpose is to Help Others see that anything is possible through belief and a will so strong that fuels the desire of change.  You must be determined to make the change to see the change.  That was a major part that I was not seeing and was truly missing.  By being willing to take action towards fulfilling my goals I have learned so much about myself that I never knew was there.  Who knew that happiness in life starts with Health…

When I made the decision to become Healthy and Fit, I discovered the endless possibilities of Energy, Motivation and Courage to work hard for the change of lifestyle.  For the positive Change we all crave and don’t know where to find it.  Thats why I LOVE being a Coach because I am here to help you find that Courage to fight for your Change and well Start enjoying Life…

I came across Beachbody after late nights with my newborn baby and an infomercial for Insanity came on.  I will be honest with you I was not happy about my current situation, and was depressed.  I did get laid off a month before giving birth to my daughter and that was not easy knowing I was becoming a single mom with no financial income.  I decided to order Insanity and give it a shot…

I did not make it through week 2 without gasping for air and well gave up. After having it for about 4 years in my possession I decided to recommit and give it another shot.  The reason for doing so was my daughter who asked “Mommy, why are you fat and I am not?”…. That was hard to hear from my toddler at the time and yet it was what fueled me to improve my health and mindset. Through this journey I have learned that is not just about the physical aspect, that it too includes your mindset and well being.  It opened my eyes and helped me realize that I had to learn to love myself once again and not only for me but for the little Angel looking up to me!

I took the leap of faith and invested in me!  I started reading personal development books, drinking Shakeology and noticed a great change in my moods but most of all enjoyed being able to run with my daughter without gasping for air.  Beachbody has taught me a lot and helped me become a better me and the journey is still not done.  Each day is a new opportunity to better myself.  That’s why I embarked in the journey of becoming a Beachbody Coach and help others with the training and knowledge that was given to me through this great opportunity.

Now that you know a little about me, tell me about yourself and your goals. Let me assist you in this journey to a better you and help you reach those goals. The road will not be easy, but the challenge will be worth the fight! It shall be my pleasure and goal to work with you. Let’s find your passion but overall Let’s do it TOGETHER!

The journey will be long and tough, but the results will be glorious!

Let’s find your own bag of tricks. All that matters is finding activities that challenge you and get you moving….

Let’s get started together!


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