AM or PM Workouts

Does it even matter?

I have experienced both AM and PM Workouts Schedules.  Only to come to the realization that it truly does not matter.  It is all about choice and preference but most importantly about getting it done… Continue reading


Muscle Soreness

What is Muscle Soreness?

Muscle Soreness (DOMS _ Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is defined as the pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after unaccustomed or strenuous exercise.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness Ranges in Intensity.  One process is called exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD), and a manifestation of it this is commonly called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) which most exercisers become very familiar with at some point, according to the ACSM.   Additional studies performed at the University of Brazil claim DOMS typically develops 12-24 hours after a hard workout, peaking 24 hours after training and often lingering 48 hours after.  Since your muscles adapt to the force of a specific workout over time, what starts as DOMS will likely turn into regular, manageable muscle soreness after a few weeks since your muscles conform fairly quickly to the force of a specific workout over time.

Why do we get Sore?

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Beachbody January 2017 Healthbet


What is Beachbody’s January 2017 Healthbet?

Beachbody® is betting $2 million dollars that you will fall in love with getting healthy! During the Challenge Period, from January 9th – February 5th, 2017, eligible Coaches and customers who meet the below requirements will win an equal share of a $2 million prize pool seeded by Beachbody®!   Continue reading

How do you know if a Beachbody® Coach is right for you?

When you join Team Beachbody®  you are assigned a Free Personal Beachbody® Coach.  As a Beachbody® Coach we are not allowed to solicit our customers.  We do make initial contact with them and look forward to working with them if they allow us to do so.  There are cases that you may not hear from your Coach or simply do not feel they are a good fit for you. So….

How do you know if a Beachbody® Coach is right for you?

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How do you earn money as a Beachbody® Coach?

How Exactly Do Beachbody Coaches Make Money?

Signing up as a Beacbhody® Coach does not mean you earn commission right away by simply signing up.  Beachbody® Coaches don’t get paid by the hour and they don’t earn a fixed weekly salary.  No, you do not sell products instead you refer others to the products that have worked for you and others who have used them to achieve results.  By doing so you are referring them to the Product Sites provided to you by Beachbody® so they can see the variety of programs that can best suit them.  Your job is to refer and inform them of the products that can work best for each individuals needs and fitness level.

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